I think simplicity has a value when you are getting into somethings. However thinking too simplistically may rob you from some nuances / details that are important.

Complexity is closer to reality. Simplicity is closer to how our brains make sense of the reality.

Sometimes the details which we oversimplify make all the difference. The details add that layer of meaning.

Its advantageous to think about simplicity - complexity as a spectrum and being able to turn it or down as per the situation is a valuable skill. If you can be aware of this simplicity-complexity lens in any situation, it might give you a different insight to the situation.


Differentiating between "He reads a lot" & "He reads so little"

When someone says that person reads a lot, you imagine a intellectual who has read a lot of boks on different worldly topics, who is a knowledgable or even wiser person, He knows how the world works, you get the idea. And when someone says that another person reads very little, you start imagining a person who is not an intellectual, who is not smart, who does not know much about anything, etc.

This is simplistic thinking.

What if the person who 'reads a lot' is reading only to impress others by namedropping? what if just wants to finish more and more books just so that he can show it off. What if he does not internalize most of it, perhaps does not apply any of it in his own life. Reading a lot takes a very different meaning here.

On the other hand if a person is reading very little, but he is learning things from observing people, by doing things in the world, what if he reads only that much that he can apply that learning to his life? what if, what he reads is internalised and understood at a very deep level?

I would say the second person is wiser than the first one. This is the complexity thinking.

When you enquire into the space between two simplistic extremes in any field, you move towards complexity but you also go closer to reality and understand things in a better way.

Perhaps simplicity helps you to form some quick judgements which has their place in our lives, but when the situation is more demanding, we need to move towards complexity.

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